Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Akira Sushi

Assorted Sushi
Looking for black rice sushi in the West End or Downtown Vancouver? Akira’s is fresh and delicious.
December has come and gone, and so has the egg nog (among other rich, edible traditions that are consumed in mass quantities thanks to the great excuse…”it’s the holidays!”).

Like a hangover, January has arrived. Simultaneously, new year diets have begun. However, lunchtime diners fear not: there are endless healthy options out there. And remember, you can always modify your order.

Hole-in-the-wall sushi joint Akira is an ideal option, with its low calorie, high protein dishes. Opt for their rare black rice (over standard white), easy or no mayo, and low sodium soy sauce.

Try the Assorted Sushi with a six piece California roll, and one piece each of salmon, tuna, ebi, tobiko, tako, and tai — expect fresh fish. And don’t forget to ask for black rice ($0.75 extra).

Other tasty but healthy options include Tuna Takaki with avocado ($7.50) and Mango Paradise roll without mayo ($10.95).

Akira Sushi
1069 Denman St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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