Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

Banh Mi
Searching for a great sandwich or butcher shop near the Downtown East Side? You’ve found both.
The culinary coolness of Gastown is creeping east.
Yielding hardwood floors, relics of the ‘30s, and an iPad as cash register, the highly anticipated Big Lou’s Butcher Shop has opened their doors. Its piece de resistance? Mouthwatering sandwiches (most of them showcasing juicy, in-house roasted meat) crafted by co-proprietor and chef Allan Bosomworthhimself.
When I asked Allan (also behind Two Chefs & A Table) how long the pork shoulder in my Banh Mi sandwich ($8) had been cooked for, he replied, ‘Until it fell apart’. One bite into the Vietnamese-inspired creation, built on a soft, incredibly creamy white baguette, and I was in love.

The sandwich’s house pickled carrots and green beans were coated with spicy mayo and an abundant, licorice flavored BBQ sauce that, together, left a sweet tingling on my tongue. Enriched further by a cooling, creamy pate, and the sandwich catapulted into the ‘to die for’ league.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop
269 Powell St.
This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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