Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Black + Blue

Beef Dip
Looking for the best steakhouse in Vancouver? This Glowbal Group restaurant on Alberni could very well be it. 
Meat-eaters, head to Alberni Street. Step into Glowbal Group’s brand new steakhouseand prepare to gawk. You may not believe your eyes.

At least, that was my reaction to Black + Blue’s massive 12’ x 12’ meet locker— filled with enormous cuts of meat that only a skilled butcher would know how to handle. Their backdrop (and curing agent) — a glowing pink wall made of Himalayan salt bricks.

Snake River Waygu New York Strip, at $11 per ounce, tops the steak list. After my self-admittedly biased bartender referred to the Beep Dip as ‘the best he’d ever had’, however, I couldn’t resist.

The French, in-house baked bread was warm and almost doughy to the touch. Its base was just about saturated with an incredibly oily, flavor-packed jus. A full on chin-dribbler, it was. Heavily marbled prime rib were the delicious, 14-inch sandwich’s succulent and splurge-worthy innards.

Unless you have a heart condition, I highly recommend this dish.

Black + Blue
1032 Alberni St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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