Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Hawksworth

Searching for the best restaurant in Vancouver? Many would argue Hawksworth is it.
Flawless, seamless, masterful. I set out for a TGIF lunch at the sparkly new Hawksworth Restaurant with these weighty adjectives in mind. Each of them have been used in reviews of Vancouver’s new fine-yet-casual-cool dining hotspot. Naturally, my hopes were soaring.

Sitting in the Pearl Room, with its gleaming, textured walls, is a glamorous experience in itself. As for the meal (this may sound redundant) — it was as stunningly delicious at it was aesthetically pleasing.

The well marbled Flat Iron Steak — surrounded by a moat of smoky tomato sauce and small heaps of watercress — was folded and arranged in a perfect queue of seven. I mournfully counted down as they disappeared. Though I ordered the meat rare, a notch above turned out to be superb.

On my list for next time, an item whose description alone is likely to cause salivation: Tomato Gazpacho with lobster, olive oil cotton candy, and sourdough.

801 W. Georgia St.
This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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