Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Nelson The Seagull

The Carnivore

Looking for the best cafe in Gastown? Nelson the Seagull is definitely one of them.

If you think the name is cute, just wait until you see the café. Nelson the Seagull is Gastown’s new hotspot, and it’s worthy of regular visits. The three impassioned South African owners are on the green train. Food served in their quaint, dimly lit space — including an exposed kitchen built on a concrete floor they laid themselves —  is local and organic.

Bread is their focus. The ciabatta, which could almost pass for sourdough, is spongy and incredibly moist with a crunchy crust. It can only be described as heavenly. Customers are pleading that it be on sale for the masses.

The café’s sandwiches require monster bites. The bread is cut thick. Pictured is the Carnivore ($9), with long slabs of creamy Boerenkaas cheese, light cilantro pesto, and a heaping handful of soft, marbled pastrami. In three words: It was perfect.

As for ambiance, the 1970s hit The Seagull’s Name Was Nelson lends to the vibe of Carrall Street’s latest addition: lazy, leisurely, soothing.

Nelson the Seagull
315 Carrall St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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