Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Red Card Sports Bar & Eatery

Hat-Trick Pizza
Looking for the best sports bar in downtown Vancouver? This is one of them.
‘Tis the NHL playoffs season — a time of year more festive than the holiday season, perhaps? To bon vivants, like myself, the thrilling weeks become even more fun when sports bars actually serve good food.

Topping my list of restaurants playing the games is Red Card Sports Bar, a European, 110-seater whose Italian-inspired menu lives in its own category — far above the average pub’s.

An extremely appropriate and score of a meal choice is the Hat-Trick Pizza ($17) — served at lunch and dinner — of which two dollars from each sale are donated to the Canucks Autism Network.

The new world pizza — spread with sweet San Marzano tomato sauce atop a thin, supple crust — is modestly sprinkled with sinful protein: mozzarella, bacon, sopressata, and very mild sausage. A few charred crust bubbles added a satisfying crunch. More satisfying than that crunch? A Stanley Cup win for the Canucks, leading to a recreation of the magical atmosphere our Olympic city felt just over a year ago.

Red Card Sports Bar
900 Seymour St.
This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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