Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Stackhouse Burger Bar

Crab Sliders
Looking for a great burger joint in downtown Vancouver? You found it. 
According to Mark Twain, “sacred cows make the best hamburger.” If this theory, posted on Stackhouse Burger Bar’s website, pertains true to other meat, the eatery’s Dungeness crab — the centrepiece of my blissful mini burgers — must be from the promised land.

Despite each of the tempting menu options, Crab Sliders ($14) were an easy pick.

Each of the mini brioche buns -— buttery and sweet like croissants — was toasted and doused with a rich, house made miso aïoli. The perfectly grilled, panko breaded crab cakes (dabbed with extra aïoli) were topped with a scattering of candy-like fried leeks.

Stackhouse’s bright, ultra-stylish interior is enrapturing like its menu, which also includes a Euro Dog (topped with garlic chips on a brioche bun), Deep Fried Ice Cream (wrapped in brioche dough, served with Kahlua chocolate ganache) and, of course, Poutine — a must-have in the entertainment district they call home.

Stackhouse Burger Bar
1224 Granville St.
This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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