Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Terra Breads Cafe at False Creek

Smoked Turkey Asiago Sandwich & Pecan Tart
Looking for the best cafe in False Creek? Terra Breads might be it. 
Great bread to a sandwich is like crunch to bacon or stink to cheese. Without it, such a creation cannot be extraordinary.
Terra Breads, a local artisan bakery, has launched their third cafe and simultaneously invigorated the once deserted Olympic Village neighborhood. Besides the spacious cafe’s mesmerizing spread of baked goods (they really are as ogle-worthy as a glass case filled with jewels), sandwiches, salads, and even a steak entree are served.
I’ll take less meat for an organic, local variety any day of the week — and that was the story here. To prolong the Thanksgiving mood, I chose the Smoked Turkey and Asiago Sandwich ($7.95) and a Pecan Tart ($3.75) for dessert.

Though modestly portioned, the deli-style turkey was soft and hickory-smoked. Between fresh baked Black Olive Bread, moist with mayo, crushed avocado, and sharp asiago, were organic baby spinach leaves and Roma tomatoes.

As for the Pecan Tart, thank goodness it wasn’t bigger. The flaky pastry was buttery and delicious.

Terra Breads Cafe at False Creek
1605 Manitoba Street

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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