Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: The American Cheesesteak Co.

The Philly

Looking for a great Philly Cheesesteak in Vancouver? Chef Anthony Sedlak’s restaurant is your best bet. 

There are 26 7-Eleven stores in Vancouver.

Chef Anthony Sedlak discovered more than 2,000 cheesesteak restaurants during a fact-finding trip to Philadelphia — almost unfathomable, isn’t it?

With his newfound knowledge, the boisterous Food Network Canada host returned to Vancouver and opened The American Cheesesteak Co., a greasy spoon specializing in its namesake.

Day three of business found his new spot swarming. Manning the sizzling grill was newly-tattooed Anthony himself, who chopped wildly to keep up with orders.

Being a cheesesteak rookie, I went with the traditional Philly — though, Le Bifteck with caramelized onion jam, double cream brie, and dijon did look mighty tempting.

The sandwich’s shaved rib eye meat weighed as much as a small lapdog. Equally great was its flavour. Partnered with ACC’s fresh baked bread, draped with melting provolone, it was a winner.

Apparently, steak plus cheese does equal love, as the spot’s slogan states.

The American Cheesesteak Co.
781 Davie St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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