Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: The Mac Shack

Lobster Mac

This week’s assignment: eating macaroni and cheese. My inner glutton cheered.

Kerrisdale’s newest fast food restaurant serves several takes on the nostalgic comfort food, including a Tuna, Veggie, and Bacon Cheese Burger Mac.

Considering the menu’s narrow focus, one might expect the self-proclaimed mac ‘n’ cheese loving owners — and their hired chefs — to have become experts in the field. Although, when my Lobster Mac skillet arrived a size larger than I’d requested — looking exhausted enough to warrant pity — I wondered if it was another customer’s misordered dish.

Asiago and cheddar lay hardened on the equally firm corkscrew shaped macaroni that lacked any garnish. I almost asked if the dish was complete.

Attracting me to this item were its tempting promises of lemon, dill, truffle oil, and roasted garlic — although each of these flavours were AWOL. Instead, I got unappetizing chunks of ‘authentic’ lobster meat and rubbery oyster mushrooms.

The Mac Shack
5395 West Boulevard

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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