Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Thierry

Looking for some of Vancouver’s best pastries and chocolate? Thierry is definitely up there in the runnings.
As Americans waited anxiously for a solution to their debt ceiling crisis, many food-loving Vancouverites were just as restless waiting for the highly anticipated, much delayed opening of the downtown’s new chocolaterie patisserie cafe, Thierry.

It was well worth the suspense.

Along with chocolates, macarons, and just about every other delicious dessert under the French sun (you must go see for yourself — the selection is gorgeous), my newest happy spot serves four baguette sandwiches for lunch. And the ‘Prosciutto’ proves that less is more.

On a freshly baked wholewheat baguette, painted on both sides with a powerful roasted tomato sauce, lay several thin layers of salty prosciutto and buttery Manchego cheese. Will power helped me save half of the small-ish sandwich for later to save room for Thierry’s highly touted macarons.

The rainbow of mini hamburger-like desserts fully lived up to the Pierre Herme standard. And since they’ve been flying off shelves, batches are made daily. They’re fresh, delectable, and fully to die for.

1059 Alberni St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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