Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q

Crunchy Squid Bao Bun

If you’re in the mood for Asian-inspired barbeque, you must head to Fat Dragon. 

Drive down Powell Street and you’ll spot a run-down lounge, a few empty lots, and a curiously new red and yellow dragon that doesn’t quite fit in.

The team of restaurateurs behind the Campagnolos have brought us yet another gem while continuing to push the boundaries of destination dining. Their Main Street location seems smack dab central compared to the latest eatery, “Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q”.

The new menu beholds a slew of dishes bearing East Asian and Southern American influences, like Jalan Alor Chicken Wings ($9), Tom Kha Gai ($7), and Prime Beef Back Ribs ($19).

A meal of Bao Buns and coconut milk broth soup had me predicting one particular bite would see the same success as Campagnolo’s famous Crispy Ceci: the Crunchy Squid Bao Bun.

Super crunchy, extra salty and seriously citrusy deep fried squid is folded inside a doughy steam bun with mint and scallions. Of the four buns, this version is by far the best.

To finish, try a coconut crispy rice chocolate bar – a collaboration from pastry chef Wendy Boys and the Fat Dragon team.

Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q
566 Powell St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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