Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Peckinpah

Beef Brisket

Looking for a restaurant in Gastown? If you’re carnivorous, this spot’s for you.

The four years I spent living Down South were dangerously delicious. It was a world where seemingly simple foods would emerge glistening and transformed by deep fryers and meat smokers of the region, suddenly able to evoke the ‘It’s to die for!’ reaction.

News that fearless restaurateurs Ryan Murfitt and Tyson Reimer, along with chef Filomena Cornacchia-tanga, had opened Peckinpah, a Carolina-style BBQ joint was, needless to say, alluring.

Beef Brisket ($14.50), smoked for 18 exquisite hours, was my lunch selection. The cooking process prevented me from having to chew much — the meat was juicy, tender, and almost went down too easily. A light and tangy chili vinegar sauce was sprinkled on top, allowing the smokey flavour to fully dominate my taste buds.

Included on the side: creamy Corn Bread riddled with flecks of charred green onion; mildly sweet, overly saucy Creamed Corn; buttery, chile vinegar-sprinkled Southern Greens.

2 Water Street

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland.

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