Milano Coffee Wins Medaglia D’oro at Italy’s International Coffee Tastings 2012

Vancouver Coffee Roaster Celebrated as Creator of One of World’s Best Espresso Blends

For two days last fall, the refined palates of 26 international coffee judges gathered in Northern Italy’s, Bresica, to determine the world’s best coffees in the fourth annual International Coffee Tasting Competition. Milano Coffee’s “La Futura” blend of espresso was the only North American coffee to place, winning gold.

“The winning coffees possess an exceptionally wide range of aromas and are accompanied by a bold but round and smooth body,” commented Luigi Odello, president of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and Professor of Sensory Analysis at various Italian and foreign universities.

The La Futura espresso blend is already a crowd favourite at Milano Coffee’s espresso tasting lounges on West 8th, Gastown and Denman locations. A custom blend of ten premium Arabica coffee bean varietals proved to be the winning ticket for Milano owners and coffee cognoscenti, Linda and Brian Turko. Complex with luscious body, cocoa aromas, vanilla and floral notes – La Futura offers a lingering toffee aftertaste that won over some of the world’s most discerning coffee palates.

After 27 years of applying himself fastidiously to his craft, Vancouver-based Master Roaster and espresso craftsman, Brian Turko, was given the kind of approval that ignites and inspires him. In a city so full of beans, it’s Turko’s obsession with blending, innovation and quality that keeps him in hot pursuit of the next perfect blend.

“This recognition is incredibly meaningful to us,” says Turko. “Milano has always strived to pay homage to the Italian coffee tradition of torrefazione – a carefully guarded method of roasting and blending between generations – with our own 21st Century, west coast twist.

In a clear point of distinction over other coffee shops and roasters in Greater Vancouver, Milano Coffee’s leading man not only roasts the brand’s house-made espresso blends – he invents them. At any given time, customers can sample eight different espresso blends at Milano Coffee shops on West 8th and on Powell Street in Gastown.
About Milano Coffee

The Milano taste was developed from a century of artisanship in the Italian coffee tradition. The blend is at the heart of what make it so special. A rarity in the coffee industry, Milano Coffee is set apart by Master Roaster, Brian Turko’s high bean count espresso blends. For nearly three decades, Turko has paid tribute to the time-honoured tradition of torrefazzioni – a carefully guarded method of roasting and blending between generations. The result – a combination of Italian coffee lineage and West Coast innovation – is a difference that coffee lovers and enthusiasts can taste.

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