Mission Blue: An Incredibly Important Documentary To Watch About Our Oceans

Next time you’re cruising around Netflix hunting for something interesting and informative, consider Mission Blue, a documentary focused on our oceans and how, due to decades of pollution, over-fishing, climate change, other human pressures, its fundamental nature is threatened.

The movie features Dr. Sylvia Earle, an incredibly inspiring woman whose goal is to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas.

Did you know that we don’t need to kill fish to get the omega oils that we value? We can get them from the plants that fish eat.

And did you know that tens of millions of shark fins are harvested every year for soup? fins are sliced off and the sharks bodies are dumped back into the ocean.

From 1950 to 2014, the population of pacific blue fin tuna has dwindled down to 5% of what it once was. Same goes for north atlantic cod.

Mission Blue is packed with eye-opening facts like these ones, and I believe it’s a very important film to watch.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

Photo: newswatch.nationalgeographic.com

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