New Boulevard Restaurant at The Sutton “Wows”

The new Boulevard Restaurant within the Sutton place hotel is in full swing and, though I expected it to be pretty great, it has completely exceeded my expectations.

The staff is top notch and the service is simply impeccable. I recently enjoyed a nine-person family dinner at the seafood-centric eatery and was blown away by the highly attentive yet discreet hospitality. Our nine entrees we delivered to the table, in unison, by nine different servers.

The food is not only delicious, it’s stunning. I pictured the chefs using tweezers to place ingredient perfectly in place on each dish. Portions are not small either. The tender ocean wise halibut filet I enjoyed was hearty.

Other must-tries include the tableside tuna tartar with sesame oil and taro root crisps, a very unique calamari dish stuffed with chorizo and the burrata with peas, mint and white balsamic.

Breakfast lovers will be thrilled to know the 280 seat restaurant will also be open for breakfast from 7am daily — it’s a beautiful location for special morning meetings.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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