Opus Hotel’s Pampered Pooch Package: Luxury Like Your Dog Has Ever Seen

If you thought you knew how to pamper your pet, Opus Hotel’s new Pampered Pooch Package might put your old methods to shame. Yaletown’s preeminent boutique hotel has launched an ultra-high end staycation package designed especially for your four-legged best friend.

Ideal for the pooch who is it all (or perhaps a dog in need of some serious TLC?) the Pampered Pooch Package includes a canine massage or reiki session, a photo shoot, a designer bandana from local company Dog & Crow, treats from Barking Babies and an overnight stay in a luxurious Opus Hotel suite (complete with king size bed enabling an extra wide, four-paw stretch-out.

My and Effie’s experience kicked off with a bang, for mom, at least. A glass of chilled prossecco was served at check-in before heading upstairs to our private suite where treats galore awaited – the fancy kind, of course, from local pet shop Barking Babies. A designer bandana from Dog & Crow was among the lavish offerings, and since trying it on, Effie refuses to take it off. Constantly, we’re asked where it’s from. Designed by Vancouver-based style icon Katharine Horsman, the neck-tie comes in multiple patterns. It was just what Effie needed for for her first Pampered Pooch Package activity, a photo shoot with pet photographer Tanya King.

Though I’m constantly photographing Effie, she is shy in the spotlight. Her ears flatten and she freezes up, refusing to move or follow commands. But Tanya has a way with animals! Effie responded instantly to Tanya’s gentle, patient nature, her expert chirping sounds and of course the training treats. The end results were overwhelming! We still haven’t picked a favourite because they are all so fabulous – full of life and character. As part of the Pampered Pooch Package, we get to choose a 5×7 print and six high res images.

Next up was Effie’s canine massage and reiki session performed by Diane Major of Baking Babies. Prior to, I couldn’t imagine Effie relaxing for such a treatment. I also couldn’t picture how exactly it would be done.

Diane walked into the room and instantly, her calm, positive energy was evident. Immediately Effie warmed to her. Our session began with reiki, a form of alternative medicine where healing energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner. Effie lay on the ground peacefully while Diane focused on Effie.

The massage, however, was what truly blew me away. Perhaps you had to be there, but it was clear that Effie sank into a deep state of relaxation. She was like putty in Diane’s hands the way she allowed her to explore her joints, muscles and spine, and only reacting slightly when Diane hit a sore spot.

The best part of the massage for me was the tricks and secret spots that Diane shared so I might perform them on Effie at home. Dogs are just like us; they get tight and sore, especially after a long run. Massages can do wonders for them!

Effie seemed to fall asleep during the hour-long massage session – but at times would open her eyes to signal she clearly was not. She was simply in a deep state of pleasure enjoying Diane’s strong, skilled hands. I can’t describe how joyful it was to see her enjoying herself so much. To think she was experiencing something so pleasurable, wonderful and new. There is no greater joy than seeing your loved ones happy – and this was one of those moments.

Some of the massage moves I’ve been using on Effie since her massage include pulsing the paws to help blood flow, rubbing pressure points (the soft spot at the base of the spine is a good one), and smoothing out the kinks between her ribs (if you run your hands between your dogs ribs, you’ll feel little ridges that can be smoothed out).

A big furry shake at the end of the massage is a sign the treatment was thoroughly enjoyed. When our hour-long session was up, Effie jumped off the bed and, sure enough, gave a huge shake of satisfaction. Later that evening her energy was electric. At the dog park she went crazy sprinting around in circles. The next morning however, she was lethargic and slow during our run. Another sign the massage was successful. Because most dogs aren’t massaged in such an intense manner, they’re often sore afterwards – this seemed to be the case with Effie.

The remainder of Effie’s Pampered Pooch Staycation was bliss and she took full advantage of the king-sized bed while I explored the Opus’ culinary attraction…

A highlight for dog-parents is having award-winning Northern Italian restaurant La Pentola adjoining Opus’ lobby. While Effie enjoyed the room to herself, mom enjoyed a delightful, five-course meal featuring BC Spot Prawns, fresh house-made pasta, creamy risotto, expertly chosen Italian wines and attentive service. Breakfast is also served from the La Pentola kitchen and available through room service. New to the Opus is a renovated bar area with new offerings including Matchstick Coffee, Cartems Donuts, The Juice Truck cold pressed juice, baking from Cadeaux and To Die For Banana Bread and Lemon Loaf.

Full Opus Pampered Pooch Package Details 

Huge thanks to the Opus team for treating us to this incredible experience!

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