Virtuous Pie Introduces Small Plates

Fan favourites become staples on the plant-based menu Plant-based restaurant Virtuous Pie, best known for its pizzas and ice cream, is expanding its menu to include a dozen small plates. The new additions feature many of the ingredients customers have … Continued

Healthier Version of The Korean Vegan Beef Dish

Besides my homemade almond milk recipe, I’ve never shared a dish on Instagram that was so widely embraced as this Korean Vegan Beef from It’s gone pretty viral. Daily, you’ve tagged me in your creations and I’ve screenshotted every single … Continued

Veggie-Filled Back-To-School Dinner Ideas

You may know how obsessed I am with the delicious flavours of fresh vegetables, but when I learned how powerful their nutrients are, my focus on incorporating them into my family’s meals hit new levels. It’s actually become a bit … Continued

Peach Crumble Breakfast Parfaits

Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited about this one. I’m actually kicking myself for not making something similar sooner…it’s definitely going to become a part of my regular routine (I’ve since tried this with strawberries, too — delish!). I … Continued

Peanut Butter Mousse (Sugar and Dairy-free)

**Thank you so much SugarTwin for sponsoring this post!! All opinions are my own.** Put the word mousse next to just about any food and instantly boost its appeal, non?! Strawberry mousse, chocolate mousse, coconut mousse…I salivate over the thought … Continued

Tips on Rescuing Indian and Mexican Street Dogs

Six weeks ago, I returned home from India with two more pieces of precious cargo than I’d departed with: Hari and Melvin, Indian street dogs who were ready to find new homes in Canada. 48-hours before my flight home to Vancouver, I received a message on … Continued

Bounty Bar-inspired Milkshake

Bounty Bar-inspired milkshake. Need I say more? As a kid, Bounty Bars were one of my favourite chocolate bars. I found their tropical decadence irresistible. I remember begging my mom to buy them for me as we stood in the grocery store … Continued

India Vegan Food Adventure

Since reading Shantaram, a 1000-page book set in India, I’ve felt desperate to visit India. The charming, quirky personalities, the vast uniqueness of the culture and the beauty of the land itself described in the novel left me daydreaming about what … Continued