Pesto Spaghetti (Plant-based)

Serious question: is there anything that pesto is not good on?

Pesto has got to be one of the top three flavours of all-time. And great news for plant-based eaters, it’s one of those sauces that is super easy to veganize while retaining 100% of the flavour.

Pesto is also super easy to make. I’ve made two batches in the past week and planning a third because I am addicted.

Here’s the recipe I’ve been using, although I reduce the olive oil to about 1/2 a cup and use this crazy easy and quick cashew parmesan cheese recipe (from Minimalist Baker) in place of the pecorino cow cheese. I finished the dish with a handful of the cashew parm, chili flakes and lots of fresh ground pepper. It doesn’t often get more delicious than this! Enjoy!

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