Point Grey is Home To A Brand New, Health-Focused Cooking School and Cafe

For the past year and a half, Nourish has filled a void for Downtown Vancouver’s health-conscious eaters who seek nutritious lunchtime sustenance. My husband is one of these devoted customers who swears by this tiny cafe’s energizing fare (over the widely available, richly-fried, lethargy-inducing empty calories found at so many other food outlets).

You no longer have to be a downtowner to enjoy this 100% organic Nourish experience. Husband and wife team Dan Cheung and Abbey Pires have launched a cafe and cooking school serving the Point Grey and Kitsilano communities from a bright space on 10th Avenue. Their rustic French farmhouse vibe is utterly ideal and romantic for those hungry to experience the Nourish art of cooking and their healthful menu.

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