Pourhouse: A Top Cocktail and Dinner Destination in Vancouver

Gastown is home to many a well-made craft cocktail, where everything from the ice to the garnish is chosen with care. But who does them best? Of course, it all comes down to personal preference, but Pourhouse is one spot that hits the mark every single timej.

Set in a hundred year old building, this dimly lit restaurant and bar on Water Street serves craft cocktails with an old soul. Through liquid creations made with hard to come by ingredients, bar manager Rhett Williams pays homage to the golden age of cocktails (namely, the turn of the century) by focusing on classics done very, very well. Pourhouse pays top dollar for their high density ice, which is bigger, melts more slowly and keeps drinks colder than regular ice.

Infused alchohols? You won’t find them at Pourhouse. You won’t find much vodka here either, because it wasn’t popular until the 50s. Plus, it’s flavorless and colorless. Rhett and his team of highly skilled bartenders prefer working with bourbon, whiskey and brandy.

If you like frothy sour cocktails like me, you’ll find a handful to choose from and if the food menu is your focus, I’d bet money you won’t be disappointed.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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