Quattro on Fourth: Spicy Twist on Spaghetti

Mexighetti.  It’s similar to what the Japanese did to the hot dog, only the twist is Mexican and the food is spaghetti.  Q4, Vancouver’s ‘new Italian’ restaurant serving this piquant, multicultural creation, should have Olympic-length line-ups outside its door, just as Japa Dog did during the 2010 Games.

Quattro Spaghetti, made with chicken instead of traditional ground beef, is spicy, garlicky, and bean-laden – undoubtedly a hit with Mexicans and others who enjoy the heat.  Bank on leftovers or order the half-order, pictured above, as the generous dish could feed a hungry family of three.

If carbs are your enemy, try the Carpaccio Sottobosco, a classic Italian starter topped generously with basil, large shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano, and white truffle essence.  Tear the delicate meat apart by dragging your fork ever so gently down its middle.

Another solid option is the oven roasted filetto with port caramelized onions, grilled vine ripened tomatoes, and warm asparugus goat cheese salad.  Currently on Q4’s menu is a version topped with a panko crusted gorgonzola croquette served with wild mushroom ragout.

Quattro on Fourth has been named an ifheonlyknew.com To Die For Date Spot – read the post here.  You can also enter to win a $100 gift certificate to the Kitsilano ristorante for an intimate date of your own – click here for details.

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