Recipe To Riches: Banana Bread’s Big Chance?


This past Saturday at the Hyatt Regency, I arrived at Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches audition with two loaves (one for safety) of ‘It’s To Die For Banana Bread’. Slews of hopeful contestants and their supporters were camped out within the banquet hall, resembling a scene straight out of American Idol.

The wait to appear before the Recipe to Riches panel of expert judges — Tony Chapman, Laura Calder, and Dana McCauley — was worth it. They were each served two half-pieces of the bread: one heated, one cold.

The first question I was asked by Tony was, ‘So, what makes this banana bread best in the world?’

Aha,’ I thought to myself with excitement, ‘they’ve heard about it!’ (Ha, maybe not.) My stories about the bread appearing on Citytv, being signed by the Canucks, and being ordered by ABC’s former Bachelorette Jillian Harris ensued, until Tony halted my long-winded spiel with this: ‘But this is banana bread…this has been done before. What makes your bread special?’

‘I completely agree with you,’ I replied, ‘I’m not even a ‘banana bread person’, although I believe this bread to be a breed of its own — perhaps we should even rename it! Hundreds of raving testimonials have poured in for the bread, confirming to me that it’s something special and that it needs to be mass-produced for Canada and beyond.’

Tony commented on my bright pink lipstick and suggested the bread may have become so popular because of my ‘kookiness’ — although I beg to differ and those of you who’ve tried it would agree, right?

In the end, they gave me the golden ticket due to the uniqueness of the bread (topped with chopped macadamia nuts and milky milk chocolate) and its overall deliciousness. My exuberance was overflowing, resulting in a pink stain on Tony’s cheek that may still be there today (YSL lipstick lasts).

The golden ticket doesn’t mean I’ve made it to the finals in Toronto. Many factors of my recipe are being analyzed to determine if it will make ‘top three’ in its category and appear in the next round. Read more about the competition rules here.

With banana bread being a mainstay in supermarkets and cafes across North America, do you agree that there needs to be a new and exciting version out there!? Within the month, we’ll know if ‘Vancouver’s Best Banana Bread’ will compete at the national level. Thank you so much for your Tweets and support!!! Means so much to me. I’ll keep you posted!!

Ciao for now.

YES! I believe I do!

Feast your eyes on ‘It’s To Die For Banana Bread’, which has been:

So, here’s the deal: Recipe to Riches wants to find the BEST recipes in Canada. The winner in each category will be mass produced under the President’s Choice label and the entire experience will be broadcast on Food Network and Shaw.

  • The grand prize? –> $250,000
  • Each category winner will win $25,000
  • Categories –> appetizers, frozen treats, entrees, sweet & savory snacks, savory pies, cakes, & sweet pies
  • Finalists will be flown to Toronto to compete on the show
  • Auditions in Vancouver –> Feb. 12 from 9am to 5pm (although you can pre-register for a set time here)
  • Click here for all other details

So, you think you can beat me? I’ll see you on audition day.

Until then, you can follow Recipe to Riches on Twitter here for updates.

Ciao for now.

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