Ridiculously Moist Triple Chocolate Banana Bread

Gotta love Instagram’s explore page. Thanks to its recommendations, I recently stumbled upon @dearkitchen, a soon-to-be mom, dog mom to two and plant-based recipe developer. Hello, kindred spirit! Her photography and recipes are so beautiful and tempting. I couldn’t resist making her Triple Chocolate Banana Bread recipe, which she drizzles with dark chocolate ganache — it looks SO moist and rich, yet only contains bananas and three tablespoons of maple syrup of sweetener. I had my doubts as to how it would turn out…

I made the loaf three days ago, but couldn’t find the time to make the ganache and photograph the loaf (can you believe how quickly we are losing daylight?!), so it sat in my fridge for three days. This morning, I added the finishing touches and added BC hazelnuts as a topping instead of blueberries (nuts + chocolate = love, right?).

My thoughts when I first bit in: OMG, amazingly moist! It almost tastes like you’re biting into a soft chocolate bar. It’s very dense (in a good way) and SO chocolatey. The ganache adds the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the mildly sweet loaf. If you have a sweet-tooth, maybe add a few tablespoons to a quarter cup of sugar to the loaf recipe.

If you watched my Instagram story about this loaf, you saw that I used my own ganache recipe. It’s simple: equal parts cocoa powder and melted coconut oil, plus a glug of maple syrup to sweeten and a pinch of sea salt. Whisk together and you’ve got the perfect healthy ganache that firms up when cool.

Thank you, Anja, for the amazing recipe! Hope you’re upcoming birth is amazing and, as your new follower, I look forward to your posts!

Follow Anja (@dearkitchen) on Instagram here and find the Triple Chocolate Banana Bread recipe here


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