Roasted Eggplant (Four Ways)

While cooking dinner tonight, I felt inspired by one of my favourite Instagram accounts, @TalineGabriel. This feed is absolutely overflowing with colourful, healthy recipe inspiration!!! You won’t be able to stop scrolling.

Three weeks ago, Taline posted a shot of roasted eggplant done four ways, kind of like this one. She shared her ingredients here in the IG caption. I used what I had in the fridge. Scroll for my deets.

From top to bottom: 

Eggplant 1: tahini, sliced fig, balsamic reduction

Eggplant 2: vegan mayo, avocado, fleur de sel, fresh sorrel (from Urban Cultivator)

Eggplant 3: pasta sauce, marinated artichoke, dukkah

Eggplant 4: hummus, grape tomatoes, vegan parm, pepper, fresh basil (from Urban Cultivator)


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