Seriously To Die For, Dairy-Free Chocolate Alternatives

If you’re a chocolate addict who can’t stop once you start (this would be my former self), I have a few possible solutions to present you with….these are dairy free alternatives that will never result in a chocolate hangover:

First of all, the easiest solution is to head to one of Julie Beyer GLOWballs’ nearest retailers and stock up. When I first tried these healthy treats, my first thought was: “This is BETTER than chocolate.” I couldn’t believe her ingredients: organic, clean, no sugar. Raw green stevia and vanilla powder are her sweetening tools and they work wonders.

Your next option is to make healthy chocolate at home. I love the Oh She Glows recipe for Easy Carob Almond Freezer Fudge. It takes five minutes to make and the main ingredients are coconut oil, almond butter, carob powder and maple syrup.

Another fabulous store-bought option is dairy-free Maca Chocolate by Vega, which you can find at most health and grocery stores.

This story was written for The Peak Radio


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