7 Must-Have Products From Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market can have my entire pay cheque.  I’m willing and ready to fork out any exorbitant sum, so long as their gourmet salad bar’s alluring array of ingenious, beautiful creations continues to flow.  They are worth their weight in gold (which is, in fact, very near the price they charge), as are many of the unique food items adorning the shelves.

Here are seven of my most exciting recent discoveries at the 510 West 8th Avenue location, conveniently located within eyesight of Yaletown, directly across Cambie Bridge.

‘Certified Organic Fair Trade’ Vanilla Infused Sugar: Sinfully delicious on buttery toast slices, cream of wheat, or in coffee:

…because sugar temporarily solves problems.

‘So Delicious’ Coconut Milk Mint Chip ‘Ice Cream’: Whiter than milk and lighter than your regular variety, this dairy-free ‘ice cream’ is a thrill for those suffering from lactose intolerance, or anyone else, for that matter.  Serving size = one tub per person:

…because it’s the only way you’ll ever get enough calcium into your diet.

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