Strawberry Almond Milk

There is one word to describe strawberry almond milk: heavenly. One sip, and you’ll be swooning. This is the kind of stuff you must savour, in the form of small sips or in a recipe in which its flavours can shine, like a pure strawberry smoothie, a strawberry milkshake or maybe even homemade strawberry ice cream. The good news is that Strawberry Almond Milk is extremely easy to make and requires fewer ingredients than standard homemade almond milk. If you have kids, I bet they will go particularly crazy for this…


1 c. raw almonds
1 L filtered water
scant 1/4 c. maple syrup (or less if you prefer)
7 strawberries


1. Soak Your Raw Almonds Overnight

It’s important to buy raw (as opposed to roasted). Find them at most natural or gourmet grocery stores like Choices and Whole Foods. Place one cup of nuts in a bowl and cover with water (filtered is best) overnight or for at least several hours.

2. Drain and Rinse Your Nuts

Once your nuts have soaked, dump them into a sieve to drain the water. Rinse with fresh water. Now, add them to your high-powered blender (like a Vitamix or a Torrent) along with a litre of filtered water. I hear other less powerful blenders can do the drink – but you may have to blend longer.

3. Add Strawberries and Sweetener

In my opinion, strawberry almond milk needs to be sweeter than classic almond milk. Without adding a bit of maple syrup the result is almost a bit tart from the strawberries. If you’re concerned about spiking your glycemic index, try a bit of stevia instead. And always test as you go. If the strawberry flavour isn’t strong enough (or your milk isn’t pink enough) add a few more strawberries.

4. Blend Soaked Nuts with Fresh Water and Flavouring

Blend your soaked nuts, water, strawberries and sweetener for two minutes until it’s smooth and frothy. Have a taste and add more sweetener or flavouring, if you like.

5. Time To “Milk”!

If you like your milk kind of grainy, you can skip this step and drink your almond milk as is (at this point it’s kind of like a smoothie). Grab a big bowl and either a thin t-shirt, cheesecloth or a nut milk bag (I like this one). Lay your t-shirt (or strainer of choice) over the bowl and pour about half of your nut milk into the middle of the shirt. You could strain it all at once, but I find it easier to do in stages. Gather the edges of the shirt, lift up and begin milking. Keep going until every last drop of milk is in your bowl. Save that leftover meal to make Almond Pulp Crackers.

Enjoy! Your strawberry almond milk should last in the fridge for about four days.

Pictured is what I’m calling a milkshake float. Fill a tall glass with scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream and strawberries, then pour on your strawberry almond milk. Eat the strawberries with a fork and take sips as you go. 

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