Summer’s Quintessential Beverage: The Watermelon Cocktail (Two Ways)

On a hot summer evening, there’s nothing that hits the spot quite like a chilled slushie cocktail. One of my favourite ingredients to use in iced alcoholic beverages is frozen watermelon. Here are two recipes that will make repeat appearances in my kitchen all summer long.

Kaffir Lime Vodka Martini — a Thai recipe from the new One World Kitchen cooking show (find it here) — is made extra refreshing by infusing vodka with kaffir lime leaves. All you do is pop your leaves into your bottle for a few days…and voila. If you prefer another flavour like lemon or orange, give that a shot too. Blend your tangy vodka with watermelon and lime juice and you’re done. Super simple.

Another big favourite might be even easier (if that’s possible). This recipe comes from and uses just three ingredients: frozen watermelon chunks, coconut vodka and coconut water. Blend these together and you’ve got the simplest, most delicious iced cocktail ever.

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