Swheatgrass: An Easy, Local Way to Include Wheatgrass Into Your Daily Diet

If a shot of wheatgrass a day keeps your doctor a way, I have a new, really easy way to include this super food into your diet on a daily basis.

The product is called Swheatgrass and they’re flash frozen little pucks of wheatgrass that come in packs of 28. You get a quarter ounce in each serving that you can easily pop into your daily smoothie for a hit of this 100% raw, living multi-vitamin. Read more on the benefits of wheatgrass.

At $20 a package, this system is a lot cheaper than buying $2 wheatgrass shots at your local juicery (as much as we do love them!).

I discovered the product at Urban Fare, where Swheatgrass’s co-owner Liane Kaltiainen had driven all the way from Vernon to share her locally grown product, which all started as a hobby with her husband Troy.

The pair grow their organic wheatgrass with non-GMO wheat berries in their mineral rich, Okanagan soil and you can find it Urban Fare, Choices Markets and many more vendors listed on their site, swheatgrass.ca

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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