To Die For Face: Erin Cebula

Gorgeous, Gratified Gourmands & Their Gift of Metabolism. If the camera really does add ten pounds, how on Earth does she do it? Vancouver-based television personalitiy Erin Cebula is thin, gorgeous, and all about delicious food — especially if we’re talking Vij’s curry. … Continued

Best Cafés (Coffee) in Vancouver (old)

View Best Coffee (Cafés) in Vancouver in a larger map Coffee in Downtown Vancouver With so many java options at our fingertips, here’s a list of the very best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver. Bel Café | 801 W. Georgia St. … Continued

Best Sandwiches in Vancouver

Our city’s lunch scene is booming. Skip the fast food for a fresh, gourmet creation made by a local chef. Here’s a map (and list below) to help you find the best sandwiches in Vancouver. View Best Sandwiches in Vancouver … Continued

To Die For Banana Bread Croutons

Thanks to an ingenious tweet from Jillian Harris, these crunchy ‘dessert croutons’ were born. What better way to make use of your leftover banana bread than by chopping them up and tossing them in the oven for a good 20 … Continued

To Die For Face: Kirk McLean

Though Kirk’s answers below are brief, I can assure you he is not a man of few words — especially when the cameras are on and food is the topic. The former Canuck is no stranger to the kitchen, either. … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Trafiq Café

Looking for lunch on Main Street? Trafiq Cafe has soup, sandwiches, fresh baking, and more. If you know your baked goods in this city, chances are you’ve heard of it. West Van locals most likely have; it’s going on eight … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Thomas Haas

Looking for the best chocolates in Vancouver? You’ve found them. Thomas Haas also serves incredible sandwiches. There’s delicious…and then there’s delicious. If you’ve stepped foot into one of Thomas Haas’ two cafes, you know that he consistently falls into the … Continued