Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Notturno Paninoteca

Calabrese Panino Looking for a great sandwich in Gastown? Notturno serves up delicious Italian paninis.  Do one thing, and do it well. That’s the motto I picked up on at Carrall street’s sultry new ‘modern panino bar’, which serves six … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Black + Blue

Looking for the best steakhouse in Vancouver? This Glowbal Group restaurant on Alberni could very well be it.  Meat-eaters, head to Alberni Street. Step into Glowbal Group’s brand new steakhouseand prepare to gawk. You may not believe your eyes. At … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Xi Shi Lounge

Looking for a great lounge in the heart of downtown Vancouver? Here’s an option for you on Alberni Street. Italians siesta. Canadians extend lunch — at least, some of us do, on those dreary days we’d rather relax than work. … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: The American Cheesesteak Co.

Looking for a great Philly Cheesesteak in Vancouver? Chef Anthony Sedlak’s restaurant is your best bet.  There are 26 7-Eleven stores in Vancouver. Chef Anthony Sedlak discovered more than 2,000 cheesesteak restaurants during a fact-finding trip to Philadelphia — almost … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: The Mac Shack

This week’s assignment: eating macaroni and cheese. My inner glutton cheered. Kerrisdale’s newest fast food restaurant serves several takes on the nostalgic comfort food, including a Tuna, Veggie, and Bacon Cheese Burger Mac. Considering the menu’s narrow focus, one might … Continued

Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: OrganicLives

Looking for the best vegan or raw restaurant in Vancouver? Organic Lives could be it. Have you ever noticed that relationships with food are similar to those we share with each other? To thrive, they must each be appreciated, respected, … Continued

Urban Rush: “To Die For” Hallowe’en Treats

This month’s selection of ‘to die for’ products is so irresistible, I absolutely can’t live with them nearby. One of my readers will save me by entering this giveaway and winning them all. My airbrushed Hallowe’en costume, hair ‘do, and … Continued