To Die For Face: Erin Cebula

Gorgeous, Gratified Gourmands & Their Gift of Metabolism. If the camera really does add ten pounds, how on Earth does she do it? Vancouver-based television personalitiy Erin Cebula is thin, gorgeous, and all about delicious food — especially if we’re talking Vij’s curry. … Continued

“To Die For” Christmas Treats on Urban Rush

In case you were distracted by our ugly sweaters… …here are the eight ‘to die for’ products I featured: 1. Cocoanymph Seasonal Truffles 2. Kitchening with Carly Macarons 3. Fraser Valley Gourmet’s Almond Butter Crunch 4. Yew at Four Seasons’ Stollen  5. … Continued

Urban Rush: “To Die For” Hallowe’en Treats

This month’s selection of ‘to die for’ products is so irresistible, I absolutely can’t live with them nearby. One of my readers will save me by entering this giveaway and winning them all. My airbrushed Hallowe’en costume, hair ‘do, and … Continued

“It’s To Die For” Hallowe’en Giveaway

On today’s Urban Rush, I featured way too many delicious treats to eat on my own…   So, I’m giving them away! The Prize A large, hand-made Thomas Haas white chocolate pumpkin filled with individual Hallowe’en treats Three large boxes of Lesley … Continued

Urban Rush: September’s ‘To Die For’ Foods

‘To Die For’ Food Featured on Urban Rush Thanks to Charlie & Lee (in Chinatown) for the awesome MYNE Ashley Ann dress and to Isolde Semple from Avant Garde Salon for the great ‘do. 1. Lavender Glaze & White Chocolate Raspberry Doughnuts Get them at: Ethical Bean *Discontinued … Continued