“The Acorn” Launches Comfort Food-Focused Meatless Mondays

Beginning Monday, November 10th, The Acorn will be week for “Meatless Monday” and will be launching their new Late-Autumn menu. Every week on Meatless Monday, The Acorn will feature a unique take on Mac and Cheese, in addition to the regular menu, to usher in the Fall and Winter seasons.

The Acorn’s interpretation on the North American comfort classic uses a traditional recipe as the backbone for experimentation and embellishment with local and seasonal vegetables. The Mac and Cheese special, which will take the form of “The Harvest,” will be available exclusively on Mondays and will be modified week to week while remaining faithful to the nostalgic elements that create the truly classic dish.

“I think it will surprise and delight our customers,” says Chef Rob Clarke. “The dish is such a staple to so many people and it’s really fun for us to be able to get creative with it.”

Additionally, there will be vegan and gluten free versions of the dish. The Acorn is excited to be open for Meatless Monday, an international movement started in 2003 to improve the health of the individual and the planet.

The Acorn’s new hours are as follows:

Sunday to Wednesday – Dinner until 1030 / Bar Service until 12
Thursday to Saturday – Dinner until 11 / Bar Service until 1

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