The Best “Big Healthy Muffin” Ever?

As a muffin connoisseur, I’m happy to report that I may have discovered the best “big healthy breakfast muffin” recipe I’ve ever tried (thanks to wonderful nutritionist to be Katherine for the recommendation!). It’s from Green Kitchen Stories, a recipe blog run by husband and wife team David and Luise who are absolutely passionate about healthy cooking and baking.

What I love about their muffin recipe is that it contains a whole cup of walnuts (ground into a coarse flour) and bananas and dates as the sweetener. Of course, if you prefer sweeter, you could add in some maple syrup or sugar. And if turmeric isn’t your thing, you can easily swap it out for cinnamon or a bit of nutmeg.

Green Kitchen Stories chose blueberries as their fruit, but feel free to mix it up. Pear and walnut (pictured) really hit the spot.

Do you have a favourite healthy muffin from a Vancouver cafe or bakery? I’d love to hear about it. Tweet at me: @erinireland.

This story was written for The Peak Radio


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