The Best Cheesecake in Vancouver?

In honour of National Cheesecake Day on July 30th, here are my top spots in the city to indulge in this super sinful dessert.

Sweet Obsession on West 16th in Kitsilano is easily one of the best in town (thanks to Tamara Taggart for this reco, which she shared with me a few years back during a food interview). They’ve got so much to choose from and all of their creations are preservative and emulsifyer free, and they often contain local ingredients.

For those of you with dairy issues (you’re not alone), try a nut-based cheesecake from Indigo Foods located within Greens Market on Broadway. I swear it’s no compromise. With so many healthy nuts fats, slices are gloriously rich. Another benefit of this version is that they’re often sweetened with dates or coconut sugar, making your cake hangover that much easier to get over.

Want to celebrate National Cheesecake Day at home? Try making Indigo’s nut cheesecake [click here for recipe] — no baking necessary.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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