The Dirty Apron Cooking School Launches Their First Cookbook (and it’s Beautiful!)

Exciting news from The Dirty Apron Cooking School and Chef David Robertson: the Beatty Street culinary team has launched a cookbook and it’s absolutely beautiful! Filled with over 80 of their tried, tested and true recipes, this new book caters to a range of students, from beginners to more experienced cooks.

I love this cookbook’s categories. They’ve got brunch dishes, deli lunches, desserts, basics and more. They’ve even given up the recipe for the cheesy scones sold from their shop’s pastry case. Other creations I’m excited to try include their dirty doughnuts, their sticky toffee pudding and their roast chicken sandwich (in case you didn’t know, they serve some of the absolute best sandwiches in town from their deli counter).

Of course, Dirty Apron also offers cooking classes — you can choose from 35 different types of cuisine. Head to their website for details.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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