The Juicery Co.’s Convenient, Three-Day, Cold Pressed Organic Juice Cleanse is a Treat

The Juicery Co. is a new stunner of a juice bar in North Vancouver that specializes in cold pressed, organic juices. Their spacious seating area (complete with reclaimed wood communal table), make them Vancouver’s second juice company with  a dine-in (drink-in?) area — great for meetings and friend dates.

The passionate, healthy family behind the business offers cleanses, too. If you need to hit the “reset button”, consider theirs. I tried the three-day and definitely recommend it. Not only are most of their juices delicious, an Almond Pear Nut Mylk is included in your daily drinking schedule and it will blow your mind. I counted down the minutes for it daily. As part of the cleanse, you’ll also receive a cute little chiller bag so you can cart your juices around with you when you leave your house.

Here are the unedited notes I took during my cleanse (*note: I’ve felt the same type of exhaustion during all of the four three-day cleanses I’ve done)

DAY 1:

12pm – So far so good. Still have enough energy to run around with my dog. Loving the juices. The melon turmeric was amazing! Such a unique juice. There were super tiny chunks of melon which I loved too…mmm, texture. The greens were are also nice and THICK.

10pm – “Melon one” (with canteloupe, orange, carrot, ginger and turmeric) is AMAZING and unique. Maybe my new fav juice

1pm – Feeling cold…could just be my apartment.

4pm – Not feeling like doing any mental heavy lifting. Not thinking too well. Relaxing on couch with fire on because I’m chilly.

5:30pm – Great energy, went shopping for two hours and was in no pain, surprisingly! (I usually feel exhausted during juice cleanses, which is normal. This is my fourth.)

7:30pm – “Citrus two” (with pineapple, pear, fennel, mint and ginger)…amazing. So thick I can chew on the pulp. Feels like I’m cheating.

9:30pm – Fell asleep. I always get tired early during juice cleanses.


DAY 2:

7:15am – Woke up feeling quite hungry.

8am – Alex (co-owner of Juicery) emailed to see how I was doing and to give some support – really nice touch.

9:45am – Already really feeling the need for 10am juice, had a few sips of it early.

10am – Went on a 30 min walk. Feeling lethargic, no energy, looking forward to getting back to the couch! (Note: This is normal. I have felt this way or worse during the other three cleanses I’ve done.)

12pm – Very slight headache, still tired, want a nap.

1pm – Took an hour nap.

2pm – Doing some light work from bed, juice in hand.

4pm – Spurt of energy, was able to walk the dog and felt good.

5pm – Really uninterested in talking or socializing. Really hard being around fam who’s eating dinner. Brain not functioning, hard to think of correct words to use.

Overnight – Bad sleep. Was quite hungry.


DAY 3:

7:30am – Woke up feeling extremely hungry and weak.

8am – No energy on 30 minute dog walk, feeling  lethargic, weak, no energy.

9:30am – Went out to meet a friend and felt up for it. I think fresh air and casual social activities help get your mind off the lack of food.

11am – 2:30pm – Spent day driving around town taking photographs of restaurants – energy was okay, but found it tough to make convo. The brain didn’t want to work. Chill bag really coming in handy today! Also love that their bottles fit in the car’s cup holder (two of the four cleanses I’ve done offer bottles that don’t).

2:30pm – Went to the beach with Effie – fresh air definitely helps! Feeling boosted.

4pm – DYING OVER ALMOND MILK. OMG. It is why I am sad the cleanse is ending. Need more. Love.

5pm – Burst of energy. Feeling great. Cleaning house, cooking, no problemo!


DAY 4:

6:30am – Done cleanse! Not feeling desperate for food. At this point could probably go on. But I can’t lie, I’m looking forward to eating…and coffee! I’m feeling light and clean from the inside out. Definitely lots a few pounds. The cleanse is a great way to feel extra tight for a photo shoot (or a beach holiday). Another thing I liked about Juicery Co’s cleanse is that the juice schedule varied each day — it kept things interesting.

My Juice Cleanse Tips

-Treat yourself. Since you’re not “pleasuring yourself” with food, treat yourself in other ways. eg. massage, pedi/mani, shopping.

-Bring toothbrush to work. Fruit sugars make teeth quite grimy.

-Be prepared to pee lots (especially since you should be drinking about three litres of waters a day and herbal teas during cleanse).

-Stay warm, you’ll be so much comfier and less hangry.

-Sip your juices slowly over. Don’t gulp all at once.

-In winter, pull juices out of fridge 30 min beforehand so they can warm up slightly – then you won’t get as chilly.


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