The Lemon Square: Dessert Worth Tracking Down in Vancouver

Time for a local product feature because who doesn’t love supporting small Vancouver-based food producers? And if you go crazy for lemon desserts, this one’s up your alley.

The Lemon Square is easily one of my favourite desserts in town. Not only are these dense, rich, ultra-lemony bars mindblowingly delicious, their creators Wally and Dan are two of the nicest guys around, meaning you can feel extra good about giving them a go.

The Lemon Square really is not your typical lemon square. I can’t even believe how much zest Wally and Dan grate by hand to achieve such an intense, concentrated lemon flavour. They also use fresh lemon juice, BC butter and coconut as a topping.

If you’re impressed by nice wrapping, you will love perfectly folded rustic paper used as The Lemon Square’s packaging. They really are one of the cutest little desserts you could bring as a hostess gift or dessert to a dinner party.

Get your hands on some lemon squares, by ordering directly from Wally and Dan via their site, heading to one of their vendor cafes, (including all the Milanos, Momento Coffee Houses and Cafe Bica) or purchasing online via SPUD.

This story was written for 102.7 The Peak


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