The Nuttiest Burger Ever

You know when you’re starving and you go check the fridge repeatedly thinking you’re going to find something new? I actually found something today. At the very back of the fridge, sat a pack of Isadora’s Go-Nuts Veggie Burgers (the first ingredient is walnuts) leftover from my Christmas Gift Guide segment. They were a couple weeks old, but, as I suspected (and as per usual), they were just fine (never trust best before dates). Of course, I didn’t have burger buns (no way was I going to go out and get some) so I used bread. Here are all the delightful details about today’s extremely nutty burger.


2 pieces bread
2 Go-Nuts Veggie patties (from SPUD)
A few seriously thick slabs of nut cheese (I love Chef Karen McAthy’s)
A thick slather of hummus (I used Bean Boy found at Vancouver Farmers Markets)
As many sauteed chanterelle mushrooms as you can possibly fit on top of your patties
A handful of greens (like pea shoots, spicy radish, power kale…I used spicy radish from my Urban Cultivator)
Oil (for frying)
Splash of red wine (for the mushrooms)


  1. Sautee your mushrooms with oil and red wine (or port) in a pan until soft and maybe a bit browned on the edges.
  2. Cook your patties according to package instructions.
  3. Build burger! (See pic.)

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