The October Snackbox Contains Ten Health-Oriented, High-Quality Snacks

1. Skeet & Ikes Roasted Almonds
My favourite kind of hunger-crushing snack to carry around in a purse.

2. OrganicLives Raspberry Macaroons
One of my all-time favourite sugar-free desserts, made entirely with superfood ingredients.

3. RUNA Clean Energy Drink
One can of this guayusa-based bevvie has 50% more caffeine than your average energy drink and 650 mg of polyphenol antioxidants. Read their neat story here

4. Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips
A crunchy, not-terribly-salty mix of taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata and parsnip make for a trans fat free, all-natural snack that feels like an indulgence.

5. Vega One Bar
Another favourite snack for the purse. Have yet to meet a Vega product I didn’t like.

6. Back to Earth Weeds & Seeds Cereal
Have been loving this super-healthy breakfast concoction – made with chia, hemp seeds,  sprinkled onto oatmeal

7. Quinn Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Popcorn
Sweet and salty to the max! What a treat. Loved it.

8. Taste of Nature Seed & Nut Bar
A super nutty organic snack sweetened with agave syrup – like.

9. Tcho Chocolate Bar
Awesome packaging is the first thing to love about this 70% cacao chocolate bar. Second is its smooth, fudge-like finish. An extremely easy product to enjoy.

10. Veggie-go Sweet Potato Leather
Was thrilled to see that this product really did contain nothing but natural ingredients, as its label implied. With so many misleading marketing claims out there these days, you just never know. It was a nice little snack.

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