Summer Treats in Vancouver: Three New Edibles You Must Try

A few new summer treat suggestions for you…

Did you know BC blueberry season is in full swing? The 800 farms that grow what’s become known as “natures candy” have been buzzing with activity as they harvested their crops two weeks early this year. You can now find them at supermarkets, farmers markets and produce stores across BC.

As for a fun ways to use them…how about frozen? Refreshing! There are, of course, countless recipes out there, but here are some of my favourites from Oh She Glows.

Another new treat you should make a point of trying are Bel Cafe’s recently launched summer popsicles, which are certainly not ordinary the way they’re packed with local fruit. I loved the tangy blackberry lime flavour.

Bel is also doing house-churned ice cream, which is a bit more indulgent with flavours like roasted pistachio, spearmint & chocolate and milk chocolate salted caramel. These are sold for $5.25 each at Bel Cafe in individual sizes…I thank them for the portion control.

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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