‘To Die For Banana Bread’ Interview with Tamara Stanners on 100.5 The Peak

Last week, I stopped by The Peak for a banana bread-related radio interview with the always perky, music-obsessed Tamara Stanners.

If she and I didn’t go way back, the mysterious, beige-colored beverage I thrust at her as we greeted may have been received with apprehension. But after revealing it was a ‘To Die For Banana Bread Smoothie’ made by the hands of the brilliant ‘juicetenders’ of The Juice Truck, she gave it a shot.

Click here to listen to the interview that ensued and to learn the news I was shocked to discover about the banana bread’s nutritional information.

Thanks to Tamara for the fun chat and to the whole gang at 100.5 The Peak!

You can follow them –> Tamara on Twitter | The Peak on Twitter

Wishing you to die for food on a daily basis,


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