To Die For Banana Bread & Lemon Loaf Have a New Home (& a New Look) at Rogers Arena

Beginning tonight, Canucks fans will be able to enjoy To Die For Banana Bread and Lemon Loaf at Rogers Arena. Four years ago when my baking adventure began, I never imagined selling my goods at a venue so grand.

The most exciting news out of Rogers Arena, however, is the overall upgrade to their food and beverage program. Jay Jones (THE awesome local bartender) will be pouring his craft cocktails. For delectable meat offerings, Executive Chef Robert Bartley has added an in-stadium butchery. The wine will be served from eco-friendly FreshTAP, and the list goes on. Read more about the edible upgrades here. I’m thrilled to be one of the many individuals who’ll be providing top quality, carefully-crafted, local food for our very anticipated hockey nights in Vancouver.

Back to ‘To Die For’ loaves…they’ll be looking just a little bit different at the Rogers Arena venue. For fun, I was asked to put a twist on my current flavours. So, I’ve added BC blueberries to the lemon loaf and even more Callebaut chocolate and roasted macadamia nuts to the banana bread.

What’s important for me to convey is that even though my breads will be sold on a greater scale at our local hockey rink, nothing will change with my ingredients or production methods. My loaves will always be hand-made and I’ll never short-change on the quality of ingredients. If anything, the loaf slices are improving with the addition of BC blueberries and extra chocolate and nut toppings. You’ll also notice that the slices will be thick and entirely worth their price of $4 per slice.

To Die For slices won’t be sold everywhere at Rogers Arena, however. They can be found at club section coffee bars and select coffee location throughout the concourse. Come October 11th, they’ll be available from the “in-seat menu”.

Big thanks to Michael Doyle, Chef Robert Bartley and the great team at Rogers Arena for believing in and supporting my small business (and to my mom and fiance Darren for helping wrap the big order ’til 1am last night!).


To celebrate this news, I’m offering five loaves each to two Canucks fans who post a pic of themselves eating their banana bread or lemon loaf at the game. Share the picture to Twitter or Instagram, making sure to use the hashtag #mmmCanucks. Bonus points for creativity and/or humour!

The winners will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday, September 27th. Good luck, enjoy the game…and always enjoy your food!!!

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