To Die For Face: Dussault Inc.’s Mashiah Vaughn

Mashiah Vaughn's To Die For Face

Vancouver mom-preneur and star of Citytv’s Dussault Inc. Mashiah Vaughn shares her favorite foods, including the one thing she refuses to eat.

The food you most often describe as, ‘to die for’?

MV – Nobu Sushi. I love their yellowtail sashimi and beef tenderloin tataki.

Your favorite Vancouver restaurant?

MVBlack + Blue.

Your trashy indulgence? (eg. that late night 7/11 or drive-thru treat)

MV – Hot fudge Sundae from Dairy Queen.

The food you refuse to eat?

MV – Anything deep fried.

The sexiest food?

MV – Caviar.

Your favorite dessert?

MV – Vanilla ice cream with frozen blueberries.

Your favorite comfort food?

MV – Ice cream.

This interview was conducted for Vancouver View Magazine by contributing reporter and founder, Erin Ireland.