To Die For Face: Food Network Canada’s Anna Olson

Anna Olson's To Die For Face

Food Network Canada Host and baker extraordinaire Anna Olson shares her favorite foods, including where she loves to eat pizza when visiting Vancouver.

The food you most often describe as, ‘to die for’?

AO – Anything cheese. I was at Granville Island gushing over French Reblochon. It’s a bit stinky, but gooey and soft. It’s just so unctuous and satisfying, and it goes with every wine! [What do you pair it with?] I don’t even care; just a fork.

Your favorite Vancouver restaurant?

AO – I just visited Nicli Pizzeria. My new favorite; it’s so fresh.

Your trashy indulgence? (eg. that late night 7/11 or drive-thru treat)

AO – Smart Food Popcorn with the fake cheddar cheese. I only let myself go to the movies a few times a year because I can wolf down popcorn and always ask for butter layered in.

The  food you refuse to eat?

AO – Tripe. It’s kind of waffle-y and looks like it could taste like squid, but it’s tougher, chewier, stronger. You can try to mask it in a beautiful tomato sauce but it’s still awful.

The sexiest food?

AO – My husband’s apple tart because he’s a chef by trade, not a baker. When he makes his one signature dessert, it’s such a gesture of love and confidence. He want to please me, and that’s sexy.

Your favorite dessert?

AO – I judge a restaurant on its creme brulee because it’s simple and takes simple execution.

Your favorite comfort food?

AO – Perogies.

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This interview was conducted for Vancouver View Magazine by contributing reporter Erin Ireland. Read the full article in the print edition.