To Die For Face: Kirk McLean

Though Kirk’s answers below are brief, I can assure you he is not a man of few words — especially when the cameras are on and food is the topic.

The former Canuck is no stranger to the kitchen, either. After our on camera interview, I spoke with his girlfriend Wendy, an interior designer for Liberty, who described one of the first meals Kirk cooked for her: halibut, cauliflower, and rice. Any lack of color on the plate was, if anything, endearing. Her man was in the kitchen, after all! And besides, the goalie’s specialty is the barbecue.

What does the former goalie eat on his own time? Here are Kirk’s McLean’s favorite foods:

Q: Will you show us your ‘to die for face’? (…this is the expression occurring at the taste of ‘to die for food’ – you know the one!)

A: See left.

Q: Name the food you would most often describe as, ‘to die for’.

A: Roast beef – end cut!!  I like it cooked medium with plenty of horseradish,

Q: What is your favorite Vancouver restaurant?

A: There are too many to choose from.

Q: What is your trashy indulgence? (i.e. that late night 7/11 or drive-thru treat)

A: Poutine. My favorite spot is Fritz on Davie Street, but if possible, I’d choose the stuff they serve anywhere in the Province of Quebec!

Q: Is there a food you refuse to eat because you were sick after eating it?

A: I would have to say no, I love all types of food!

Q: What is the sexiest food?

A: Anything that is done to perfection! If I had to pick one item, I’d say my girlfriend Wendy’s fall of the bone ribs.

Q: What is your favorite dessert?

A: Sticky toffee pudding.

Q: What is your favorite comfort food?

A: Thin crust pizza with bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms.  I don’t have a favorite spot.

This interview was conducted for Vancouver View Magazine by contributing reporter and founder, Erin Ireland.

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