To Die For Face: NHL Hockey Legend Kirk McLean

Kirk McLean's To Die For Face

NHL hockey legend Kirk McLean shares his favorite foods, including a must-try spot for poutine in Vancouver.

The food you most often describe as, ‘to die for’?

KM – Roast beef end cut! I like it cooked medium with plenty of horseradish.

Your favorite Vancouver restaurant?

KM – There are too many to choose from.

Your trashy indulgence? (eg. that late night 7/11 or drive-thru treat)

KM – Poutine. My favorite spot is Fritz on Davie Street, but if possible, I’d choose the stuff they serve anywhere in the Province of Quebec!

The food you refuse to eat?

KM – I would have to say no, I love all types of food!

The sexiest food?

KM – Anything that is done to perfection! If I had to pick one item, I’d say my girlfriend Wendy’s fall of the bone ribs.

Your favorite dessert?

KM – Sticky toffee pudding.

Your favorite comfort food?

KM – Thin crust pizza with bacon, pepperoni, and mushrooms. I don’t have a favorite spot.

This interview was conducted for Vancouver View Magazine by contributing reporter Erin Ireland. Read the full article in the print edition.