Tomato Sauce-Poached Eggs with Grainy Mustard and Hummus Toast

Life is too short to not extend the weekend into Monday and enjoy a sumptuous egg dish on the first “work day” of the week.

Here’s how to assemble the Tomato Sauce-Poached Eggs…


1 c. tomato sauce (I used Jules + Kent from SPUD)
2 cage-free eggs (I used Urban Digs)
Small handful of organic spinach
1 slice toast (I used rye from Batard)
1/4 c. hummus (Yummus Hummus if my favourite store-bought kind)
1 tbsp. grainy mustard (I used Chef Karen McAthy’s fermented kombucha mustard from Graze)


1. In a 6″ cast iron pan, heat your tomato sauce on medium. When it starts to boil, add your spinach and stir so the leaves are coated in sauce.

2. Crack your eggs in the sauce and cover with a lid until cooked to your desired runniness.

3. In the meantime, toast your bread and lather generously with grainy mustard and hummus. Dip away…and enjoy!

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