Foodily’s ‘Eat At Home Revolution’

Introducing, the online foodie-world’s next big thing: FOODILY.
Foodily is the world’s largest recipe network, uniting thousands of meal ideas in one spot — and a beautiful spot it is. Check out their ridiculously clean, uber-user-friendly site:

The team behind this incredibly cool project believes that ‘sharing meals is one of life’s most important social experiences’. (Agreed!)

By encouraging recipe sharing, they’ve begun the ‘Eat At Home Revolution’.

Cooking meals at home gives us the opportunity to grocery shop responsibly and eat healthfully. Doesn’t it feel great to know exactly what it is you’re eating?

A few more reasons why you should jump on the Foodily bandwagon:

• You can see what your friends are craving and cooking
• You can easily search and save what you love
• You can keep it all handy in your Facebook timeline

If you want to encourage this delicious revolution, head to Lovesocial’s website here to learn how you could be named one of the web’s top 25 influential foodies on Huffington Post.

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